Ways To Manage Post-Natal Depression?

Post-natal depression is real, and it is happening today. It is not something mythical that is made up by exhausted moms with a new born. Sue being a mother is an emotional roller-coaster. It is the best example of a bitter sweet journey. It is incredibly rewarding to hold you new-born in your arms and to know you made them, but it is not easy. Along with it comes this agonizing depression and anxiety. Here are some tips to help someone deal with postnatal depression.
Educate others
Let everyone else around you, especially your partner, know that post-natal depression is something that really exists, and something real people deal with. Show them as many articles or videos it takes to convince them. Why? Because later if you do fall in to depression, you will have people to support you or at least keep quiet, without rubbing it on your face that you are making it all up. This happens more often than we think and is the most frustrating thing to the already depressed mom, hose juggling with a lot on her plate at that moment.
Make an effort to bond with your partner
This is an important one. It is obvious that with a new-born in your hand, with all that hype that surrounds your baby, it is difficult to pay attention to your partner as you did earlier. But it is very important that you two have a solid relationship of support and understanding at this point. Knowing that your partner will be there for you that security will comfort you like none other, and perhaps will even prevent post-natal depression.
Set the stage early
If you think you will be victim to this nasty condition, or have been in your previous pregnancies, set your stag right from the beginning. Start meditating or praying on a regular basis. Make use of one of the many guided meditation classes online, that will teach you to meditate effectively. Make medication and prayer a part of your daily routine.
This is something that we take for granted and procrastinate quiet easily. By enrolling yourself to a guided meditation class online, you are technically getting a third party involved, and that kind of makes procrastination hard. Also, when you reap the fruits of meditation, it is highly unlikely that you will stop it.
Eat right and exercise regularly
Junk food never does well to anyone at any point of their life. It is a good idea to just drop it off your system of food at any time, but especially when you are pregnant. Maintain this after you give birth. Take all the supplements your doctor prescribes you to. Talk to your doctor as to what exercises are suitable for you, and keep doing them. Many studies and researches have concluded that physical exercise has a huge positive impact on reducing depression and anxiety.
Sleep when your baby sleeps, and at other times too
Take that old advice. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Sleep is of great importance to a new mother to maintain her health and sanity. I know it is easy said that done, been there done that, but, try to bag in as much sleep as possible. Get all the help you can get from reliable people to watch your baby when he doesn’t need you. Use those precious minutes to sleep.

Side-Effects Of Alcohol That We Might Not Have Thought About

Many people are addicted to alcohol these days, especially teenagers, they try to imitate their friends and role models. Some take alcohol because of boredom and some who are trying to forget their past. But alcohol would bring about short and long-term side effect such as high blood pressure, heart related diseases, drowsiness and even depression. Some are addicted to alcohol thinking that alcohol will help them to ease their sufferings from anxiety. If you think that alcohol is the best solution for anxiety then the answer is no. alcohol will only make your situation worse one major side effect of alcohol is anxiety.
Always feeling nervous and worried?
Everyone gets nervous and worried at times but if this happens constantly it’ll interrupt your lifestyle, you may have generalized anxiety disorder. Getting addicted to drugs isn’t the remedy for this disorder in fact, it’ll only worsen the situation. Anxiety is caused by genetics, by external factors such as problems at school or work, by substance abuse etc. the physical symptoms of anxiety are trembling, headaches getting tired easily and so on. Different types of treatments are available for anxiety. Anxiety counselling Perth is one method. You can meet a counselor and discuss your problems. The counselor will teach you to control yourself, to manage and understand problems and to tolerate your fears. 

Stress management tips and natural remedies.
Here are some important tips for stress management these will help you to ease anxiety. Practice meditation, it is one of the easiest method to relieve stress. Take deep breaths, focus on your breathing make sure you breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth you can do this for like 5 minutes. Use social media, talk to your friends. Laugh as loud as possible, laughing will lighten the load mentally. Listen to some soothing music, slow music will reduce anxiety. Do some exercises and yoga as this is good for your mind and body.
Eat healthy food. Get some good sleep, it’ll be hard or you to sleep if you have depression so keep away your cell phone, PC or any other item that may distract your sleep. Change how you think, try to develop a positive attitude towards life. Always take medications your doctor has prescribed because some supplements can result in anxiety as a side effect. Have some fun, this method will help you to forget all your problems so make use of the time by getting some fun. There are some herbal remedies for anxiety such as, piper methysticum known as kava is effective in reducing anxiety.

Ways To Set Your Mind Free From Problems?

‘Successful’ is what we all dream to be. The key to success is a free mind. To maintain a free mind is what a majority of us are incapable of doing. When you decide to free yourself from stress and to take a step forward to free your mind, you will in return live a happy life. There are many factors that may add stress to your life. Some of these factors are: pressure at work, relationship issues, financial issues, etc. Many people think that it is impossible to live a stress free and a happy life because of all the stress and the problems that are coming their way. However, living a stress free life with zero negativity isn’t impossible.

Have an idea of your future

Thinking of how the future will turn out be can also be a pain in the neck. Knowing the future and knowing what troubles you will have to go through in the future will help you get ready to face the problems with a good mind. The one and only way to find out what your future will turn out to be is to consult a clairvoyant.

When you receive help from a clairvoyant in Geelong, you will have a deeper understanding of the purpose of your life. You will no longer have to live a life filled with questions on how the future will turn out to be and how to face your problems because the faith you have on yourself will increase.

Understand that nothing is forever

Lord Buddha once stated, ‘nothing is forever, except change’ and we all have to agree with it. You have to be okay with letting things go, even if it’s your loved ones, money, properties, etc. The more you think about the temporary things in life and the more you are attached to them, the more you will suffer in life.

Most of the youngsters go through a lot of mental disorders and stress because of love failures but if you understand life and if you take to heart that everything’s temporarily, moving on won’t be hard. Your happiness is all on you, don’t let any external factors stop you from living a stress free and a peaceful life.

Meditate daily

Meditation is known to free minds, souls and is very effective in stress relief. When you meditate, you have to make sure that you take deep and long breaths. It is shown that when people are stressed out, their breath becomes shorter and rapid. The shorter and the rapid breaths will promote anxious feelings in one’s body. The more you practice to take deep breaths through meditation, you will become calmer and healthier.