Can Drug Addiction Be Treated With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a holistic approach towards treating depression, addiction, anxiety and trauma.

This technique identifies a combination of thoughts, behaviors and feelings and triggers a particular state of mind and then influences them for a better outcome. For instance, when you are addicted to drug abuse and are unable to have a control over your thoughts, then CBT drug counselling will make you aware of the consequences of this action and motivate you to improve your overall wellbeing.

What Can You Expect From CBT?

The therapies do vary based on the severity of your addiction along with the technique followed by the therapist. However, there are certain things that still remain common about CBT counselling and these are:

  • A teammate: To help you realize the significance of giving-up drugs, there are many professionals who offer their services in teams. With this you know that you are not alone in this and together you can battle it out for a better, happier and safer life. So, the first and perhaps the most beneficial aspect of this technique is that you are going to work along with a team.
    • A teacher: The most important aspect of CBT is awareness. This is the reason why the counsellors will first educate you about the different symptoms, consequences and diagnosis of addiction and why you require treatment.

Popular CBT Technique to Heal AddictionAs stated earlier, though the approach for healing addiction with CBT might be the same, yet the technique followed does differ. Some of the popular ones amongst them are

  • Assertive training for improving relationships
  • Self-monitoring education for improving insight
  • Restructuring cognitive for modifying the thought patterns
  • Relaxation to overcome the trauma of depression

Exploring an Addiction Treatment that Involves CBT

If you are planning to go for CBT to treat addiction, then this is probably the best thing that you can do to yourself. But, before that you have to identify the appropriate treatment which is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. To do this, fix an appointment with a professional CBT therapist and talk about the queries that are revolving in your mind. Let them examine you, so that you can realize whether you need CBT or not. During this process you can share your symptoms, the patterns, and the rage that leads to addiction and how it has been affecting your life.

Integrating CBT with Other Therapies

For maximizing the benefits of CBT, there are several therapists who integrate it with other common techniques, such as motivational interview, medication management and stress-relief programs (as stress has been one of the major reasons of addiction and educational meets. In addition to that, this therapy can be customized according to the demands of the patients so that ultimately they can lead a happier life free from the clutches of drugs.