Can Drug Addiction Be Treated With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a holistic approach towards treating depression, addiction, anxiety and trauma.

This technique identifies a combination of thoughts, behaviors and feelings and triggers a particular state of mind and then influences them for a better outcome. For instance, when you are addicted to drug abuse and are unable to have a control over your thoughts, then CBT drug counselling will make you aware of the consequences of this action and motivate you to improve your overall wellbeing.

What Can You Expect From CBT?

The therapies do vary based on the severity of your addiction along with the technique followed by the therapist. However, there are certain things that still remain common about CBT counselling and these are:

  • A teammate: To help you realize the significance of giving-up drugs, there are many professionals who offer their services in teams. With this you know that you are not alone in this and together you can battle it out for a better, happier and safer life. So, the first and perhaps the most beneficial aspect of this technique is that you are going to work along with a team.
    • A teacher: The most important aspect of CBT is awareness. This is the reason why the counsellors will first educate you about the different symptoms, consequences and diagnosis of addiction and why you require treatment.

Popular CBT Technique to Heal AddictionAs stated earlier, though the approach for healing addiction with CBT might be the same, yet the technique followed does differ. Some of the popular ones amongst them are

  • Assertive training for improving relationships
  • Self-monitoring education for improving insight
  • Restructuring cognitive for modifying the thought patterns
  • Relaxation to overcome the trauma of depression

Exploring an Addiction Treatment that Involves CBT

If you are planning to go for CBT to treat addiction, then this is probably the best thing that you can do to yourself. But, before that you have to identify the appropriate treatment which is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. To do this, fix an appointment with a professional CBT therapist and talk about the queries that are revolving in your mind. Let them examine you, so that you can realize whether you need CBT or not. During this process you can share your symptoms, the patterns, and the rage that leads to addiction and how it has been affecting your life.

Integrating CBT with Other Therapies

For maximizing the benefits of CBT, there are several therapists who integrate it with other common techniques, such as motivational interview, medication management and stress-relief programs (as stress has been one of the major reasons of addiction and educational meets. In addition to that, this therapy can be customized according to the demands of the patients so that ultimately they can lead a happier life free from the clutches of drugs.

Tips On Using CBT Effectively

You might be wondering as to how you can use cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) better, it is one which focuses on eliminating any distorted ideas or thoughts that you might have. This is done in a manner which will focus on strengthening positive goals about your life and providing individual guidance. Most of us have distorted ideas which need to be eradicated but remember that it is more aggressively seen in those who do suffer from form of a psychological illness. Here are some tips on using cognitive therapy effectively:


Most people over generalizing where one person feel that when a project is going wrong he or she will put the blame on the entire project at hand. The best way for you to eradicate this is to focus on positive thoughts or ideas. It is important that the goals for the day and the coming week are well discussed ahead. Sometimes the person who is being treated might not understand a goal like “I want to be content”. It is relatively fine during the beginning of the cognitive behaviour therapy for the patient to feel this way. After a few months it is important that some sort of closure has been reached. 


You must start each and every stage with a plan in mind. You can discuss this as elaborately as possible with your client. This will also allow him or her to stay more focused about the therapy at hand. Get the person to follow the homework or assignments that you have provided. Try to connect topics which will progress from one area to another. Make sure that you do discuss the relevant topics properly.


Most goals of therapy involve talking or discussing the core problems. The patient must be able to discuss this openly as possible. You can talk about any specific thoughts which might lead to anxiety or even a low mood. Some social skills or even relationship problems can create bridges between the person and the family. Try to use role playing as well as imagery or visualization to bring certain issues to light. This will help the couples counselling in Melbourne to be more effective than normal.


It is important that you do use flash cards which will showcase different points of the session. It will help the person with the emotional problems to deal with them better. You can discuss other ways of coping with the depression like issuing with leaving the house or talking to a friend. It is important that you do consider all these factors well beforehand. Remember that you must carefully think about these problems well ahead.

The Teenage Life

The confusing phase that individuals undergo, what with the experiments and new emotions surfacing one really doesn’t know how to react, what to do or what NOT to do and hence goes forth with everything they literally aren’t supposed to do, marking it as a “one time thing”, however the social norms and peer pressure that seeps through will always make that youngster that decided on the activity being a onetime thing, to it being more of a permanent thing. While these actions may vary from joining sororities to various cults, or from addictions that range from smoking cigarettes to smoking those illegal, one could even go on to realize that they have other issues with themselves, such as any underlying mental conditions even if it is the slightest form of depression or a high level of anxiety to bipolar disorder or even OCD. Know more about ice rehabilitation centre.
Youths are known to take substances to also further deal with these issues that they tend to become aware of as they grow into adults, mainly for the shame of not being able to really be themselves sometimes or to even face their parents and friends, out of the judgment they would receive; after all high school is known to be the toughest for many, especially those not mingling with the elite cliques at school.
However, while many may attempt to fit in with the crowd that seems to be infamous and worshipped by the rest of those at school, the pressure of trying to actually fit in with them too maybe one of the causes of such addictions to commence as one may take up consumption of these intoxicants just to gain the other’s favorability. Even though those in high school won’t be able to really afford luxury alcohol at their age, which would result in luxury alcohol rehab.
However the increased exposure to liquors has caused a serious issue in a schooling environment at present because students tend to walk in with colorless spirits to school undetected and get high during lessons just to become disruptive to the rest of the class or as a coping mechanism for whatever other reason the student is faced with, and while there really isn’t a way to curb the issue from increasing as it would be a very tedious task to monitor each child’s lunch, once diagnosed the teen should immediately be sent to drug addiction treatment centers at Seasons Bali where professionals could deal with these issues and monitor the child’s progress.
One must also be vigilant as having a record for alcoholism or drug abuse may scar their opportunities of getting into a good college or even getting employed at a good company when they need to do so in the future.

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Side-Effects Of Alcohol That We Might Not Have Thought About

Many people are addicted to alcohol these days, especially teenagers, they try to imitate their friends and role models. Some take alcohol because of boredom and some who are trying to forget their past. But alcohol would bring about short and long-term side effect such as high blood pressure, heart related diseases, drowsiness and even depression. Some are addicted to alcohol thinking that alcohol will help them to ease their sufferings from anxiety. If you think that alcohol is the best solution for anxiety then the answer is no. alcohol will only make your situation worse one major side effect of alcohol is anxiety.
Always feeling nervous and worried?
Everyone gets nervous and worried at times but if this happens constantly it’ll interrupt your lifestyle, you may have generalized anxiety disorder. Getting addicted to drugs isn’t the remedy for this disorder in fact, it’ll only worsen the situation. Anxiety is caused by genetics, by external factors such as problems at school or work, by substance abuse etc. the physical symptoms of anxiety are trembling, headaches getting tired easily and so on. Different types of treatments are available for anxiety. Anxiety counselling Perth is one method. You can meet a counselor and discuss your problems. The counselor will teach you to control yourself, to manage and understand problems and to tolerate your fears. 

Stress management tips and natural remedies.
Here are some important tips for stress management these will help you to ease anxiety. Practice meditation, it is one of the easiest method to relieve stress. Take deep breaths, focus on your breathing make sure you breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth you can do this for like 5 minutes. Use social media, talk to your friends. Laugh as loud as possible, laughing will lighten the load mentally. Listen to some soothing music, slow music will reduce anxiety. Do some exercises and yoga as this is good for your mind and body.
Eat healthy food. Get some good sleep, it’ll be hard or you to sleep if you have depression so keep away your cell phone, PC or any other item that may distract your sleep. Change how you think, try to develop a positive attitude towards life. Always take medications your doctor has prescribed because some supplements can result in anxiety as a side effect. Have some fun, this method will help you to forget all your problems so make use of the time by getting some fun. There are some herbal remedies for anxiety such as, piper methysticum known as kava is effective in reducing anxiety.

Ways To Set Your Mind Free From Problems?

‘Successful’ is what we all dream to be. The key to success is a free mind. To maintain a free mind is what a majority of us are incapable of doing. When you decide to free yourself from stress and to take a step forward to free your mind, you will in return live a happy life. There are many factors that may add stress to your life. Some of these factors are: pressure at work, relationship issues, financial issues, etc. Many people think that it is impossible to live a stress free and a happy life because of all the stress and the problems that are coming their way. However, living a stress free life with zero negativity isn’t impossible.

Have an idea of your future

Thinking of how the future will turn out be can also be a pain in the neck. Knowing the future and knowing what troubles you will have to go through in the future will help you get ready to face the problems with a good mind. The one and only way to find out what your future will turn out to be is to consult a clairvoyant.

When you receive help from a clairvoyant in Geelong, you will have a deeper understanding of the purpose of your life. You will no longer have to live a life filled with questions on how the future will turn out to be and how to face your problems because the faith you have on yourself will increase.

Understand that nothing is forever

Lord Buddha once stated, ‘nothing is forever, except change’ and we all have to agree with it. You have to be okay with letting things go, even if it’s your loved ones, money, properties, etc. The more you think about the temporary things in life and the more you are attached to them, the more you will suffer in life.

Most of the youngsters go through a lot of mental disorders and stress because of love failures but if you understand life and if you take to heart that everything’s temporarily, moving on won’t be hard. Your happiness is all on you, don’t let any external factors stop you from living a stress free and a peaceful life.

Meditate daily

Meditation is known to free minds, souls and is very effective in stress relief. When you meditate, you have to make sure that you take deep and long breaths. It is shown that when people are stressed out, their breath becomes shorter and rapid. The shorter and the rapid breaths will promote anxious feelings in one’s body. The more you practice to take deep breaths through meditation, you will become calmer and healthier.

Coping With Past Child Abuse

Many victims of child abuse carry the burden of a dark shadow lingering in their thought, well in to their adulthood. This holds true even if the abuse took place decades ago. The bitter truth is that the trauma and suffering caused by child abuse doesn’t end with the abuse itself. It stays on, for a long time, causing more physical and mental issues. What is worse about child abuse is that it is very usual to occur at home, or by a person whom everyone around us places a lot of trust on. It is very difficult to forget. Not everyone who was victim to some sort of abuse show symptoms later on in life, but many carry their bad experience well in to their future. This in turn manifests signs of psychological problems such as depression, or even physiological issues such as obesity. If you are suffering with such tragic consequences, it is important to deal with them sooner rather than later.

Express yourself

Talk it out. It will hurt, but re play all of those painful memories in your head, if you want closure. You can resort to individual or group counselling services or simply talk to someone whom you are comfortable with. Another option is to put every single thought on paper. Write it all down. Write down even the minute of details that you can remember. Do this over and over again, with every memory that pops up. Just get it out of your system.

Be honest with the doctor

Be it a professional clinical psychologist whom you are seeing because of your depression, or a neurologist because of your persistent headaches, tell them everything. Knowledge about past abuse can be a game changer when it comes to treatment. If you are not satisfied with your psychiatrist or doctor, move on and look for someone who works for you.

Educate yourself

Read about child abuse as much as you can. Read inspirational stories as to how certain individuals successfully cope with past abuse. Know your triggers. Postpartum depression is a whole other subject, but there are studies that show postpartum depression also worsens manifestations of previous abusive experiences. Studies also link breast feeding to rekindling of such unpleasant memories.

Rethink your coping strategies

Watch yourself as to what you do when a painful memory of the abuse you experienced pops up. Do you go looking for a cigarette? Do you open the fridge and pull out the biggest ice cream tub available? Over eating, alcohol, smoking, physically harming yourself are all considered to be ineffective coping strategies that lead to more problems in life. Try to train yourself with better coping strategies like; meditating, praying, drinking a glass of water and taking a walk etc.

Did We Make Life Difficult For Ourselves?

It is like everyday we find humans failing in life. They are unable to reach the insanely huge goals set by someone else. When a student I’d taking their board exams, everyone expects them to get an ‘A’ for all the exams they sit. Is it even fair? When someone fails to get the expected results they are termed as failures! Is education only concerned with marked and grades obtained? Education was created by early humans to make people understand and Co habit with them, not to take them to laboratories and experiment on them. Our knowledge on the other living beings was essential to ensure our life expectancy not to determine if we are intelligent or not. Moreover, being intelligent is just to ensure if they can live without being killed by wild animals till they can reproduce and produce an heir to ensure the continuity of species.

World today

But today, teenagers are getting involved in self harm or committing suicide due to the fact that they are less than the already set very high IQ standards set by psychologists using standardised tests. Because of this nowadays children are given counselling services along with their heavy study materials. It is so unfair. It is like a diabetics patient eating a lots of sugar substances and taking insulin shots. It will not work for long periods and at some point it will stop working. Their body will start wiring differently.

Similarly, though we give them good coaching or counselling, it is not enough for the patient. Moreover, it is just one person it can be treated. Almost all the teenagers go through stress and self harm in their educational period. This shows us that it is not the person who is at problem. It is the education system that should be changed.

Moreover, several stereotypes like if you score less in an exam, your life and career is gone. Negative things like this should be avoided.

Are ready for a change?

It is obvious that it is not causing any change is hard in human kind. Unless the population changes their views about certain things changes can never be brought. Moreover it is hard to make people understand it is bad when they consider it is good for them. It is like making a kid understand that it is good to eat vegetable but it is bad to eat candies. Children will still tell that it is better to eat candies since they like candies. Humans are often kids trapped in adult bodies. Though they have enhanced cognitive abilities.