Did We Make Life Difficult For Ourselves?

It is like everyday we find humans failing in life. They are unable to reach the insanely huge goals set by someone else. When a student I’d taking their board exams, everyone expects them to get an ‘A’ for all the exams they sit. Is it even fair? When someone fails to get the expected results they are termed as failures! Is education only concerned with marked and grades obtained? Education was created by early humans to make people understand and Co habit with them, not to take them to laboratories and experiment on them. Our knowledge on the other living beings was essential to ensure our life expectancy not to determine if we are intelligent or not. Moreover, being intelligent is just to ensure if they can live without being killed by wild animals till they can reproduce and produce an heir to ensure the continuity of species.

World today

But today, teenagers are getting involved in self harm or committing suicide due to the fact that they are less than the already set very high IQ standards set by psychologists using standardised tests. Because of this nowadays children are given counselling services along with their heavy study materials. It is so unfair. It is like a diabetics patient eating a lots of sugar substances and taking insulin shots. It will not work for long periods and at some point it will stop working. Their body will start wiring differently.

Similarly, though we give them good coaching or counselling, it is not enough for the patient. Moreover, it is just one person it can be treated. Almost all the teenagers go through stress and self harm in their educational period. This shows us that it is not the person who is at problem. It is the education system that should be changed.

Moreover, several stereotypes like if you score less in an exam, your life and career is gone. Negative things like this should be avoided.

Are ready for a change?

It is obvious that it is not causing any change is hard in human kind. Unless the population changes their views about certain things changes can never be brought. Moreover it is hard to make people understand it is bad when they consider it is good for them. It is like making a kid understand that it is good to eat vegetable but it is bad to eat candies. Children will still tell that it is better to eat candies since they like candies. Humans are often kids trapped in adult bodies. Though they have enhanced cognitive abilities.