Side-Effects Of Alcohol That We Might Not Have Thought About

Many people are addicted to alcohol these days, especially teenagers, they try to imitate their friends and role models. Some take alcohol because of boredom and some who are trying to forget their past. But alcohol would bring about short and long-term side effect such as high blood pressure, heart related diseases, drowsiness and even depression. Some are addicted to alcohol thinking that alcohol will help them to ease their sufferings from anxiety. If you think that alcohol is the best solution for anxiety then the answer is no. alcohol will only make your situation worse one major side effect of alcohol is anxiety.
Always feeling nervous and worried?
Everyone gets nervous and worried at times but if this happens constantly it’ll interrupt your lifestyle, you may have generalized anxiety disorder. Getting addicted to drugs isn’t the remedy for this disorder in fact, it’ll only worsen the situation. Anxiety is caused by genetics, by external factors such as problems at school or work, by substance abuse etc. the physical symptoms of anxiety are trembling, headaches getting tired easily and so on. Different types of treatments are available for anxiety. Anxiety counselling Perth is one method. You can meet a counselor and discuss your problems. The counselor will teach you to control yourself, to manage and understand problems and to tolerate your fears. 

Stress management tips and natural remedies.
Here are some important tips for stress management these will help you to ease anxiety. Practice meditation, it is one of the easiest method to relieve stress. Take deep breaths, focus on your breathing make sure you breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth you can do this for like 5 minutes. Use social media, talk to your friends. Laugh as loud as possible, laughing will lighten the load mentally. Listen to some soothing music, slow music will reduce anxiety. Do some exercises and yoga as this is good for your mind and body.
Eat healthy food. Get some good sleep, it’ll be hard or you to sleep if you have depression so keep away your cell phone, PC or any other item that may distract your sleep. Change how you think, try to develop a positive attitude towards life. Always take medications your doctor has prescribed because some supplements can result in anxiety as a side effect. Have some fun, this method will help you to forget all your problems so make use of the time by getting some fun. There are some herbal remedies for anxiety such as, piper methysticum known as kava is effective in reducing anxiety.