The Dangers Of Cigarettes

The dangers of smoking have been long known to mankind however, humans are always slow to catch on and reluctant to give up on their bad habits. It was proven by scientists decades ago that smoking is not only dangerous to your own health but that it ruins the health of everyone around you and yet, although its popularity has decreased significantly among the younger generation, with certain groups of people, smoking is still very much happening and popular. 

Lung disease
Smoking cigarettes has been known to harm almost every single organ that you have in your body and cause numerous diseases and health problems and yet, for some people, smoking is a habit that they refuse to break irrespective of the fact that they are harming themselves and generally reducing the health and immune systems of everyone around them including their own family. Although there are many ways to stop smoking and break the severe addiction to tobacco such as quit smoking hypnosis in Essendon and other therapies, most smokers are reluctant to enroll in these programmes and would rather opt to continue harming themselves.
Dying trend
Although with some groups, smoking is still very popular and is considered cool, it has been seen that with the younger generation this trend seems to be slowly but surely dying out. In some countries, governments have taken measures to have quit smoking hypnosis therapies available to citizens for free and have also taken measures to increase the taxes on cigarettes in order to make them almost beyond affordable cost to most people on regular incomes. Although this has worked to turn some people away from the dangerous habit, it has been seen that people who are very addicted to it, will still continue to pay everything that have to get their hands on a cigarette. See this post if you are looking for hypnotherapy to prevent your addiction.
Smoking has been seen to be the leading preventable cause of death in the United States of America and around the world. With the reduction in smoking and the consumption of meat, it has been seen that diseases has been reduced significantly and therefore the government’s money in curing diseases is being reduced too. In some countries, governments have stopped providing free medical care to people who smoke and drink and this has also lead to a significant decrease in smoking among the younger generation however with the old generation still smoking, they are still putting the lives of even the nonsmokers at severe risk. It has been suggested that the government tax the sale of cigarettes severely to curb this menace.