Tips On What To Do When You’re “Burnt Out”

Being a young entrepreneur just starting out in the world of business can be both exciting and terrifying. Building your “empire” from scratch requires a lot of work, energy and sacrificing on a lot of things. The initial few years are definitely going to be tough to handle, as you’re definitely working more than your share, hardly keeping contact with your friends and family, and hardly getting enough sleep.

While these things can prove your dedication towards achieving your dreams, it can also eventually lead you to being burnt out. This unfortunately happens to a lot of young and eager entrepreneurs.

Always being exhausted, stressed out and feeling harassed, having no motivation or any interest to anything are all signs that you’re probably burnt out. If you need help falling asleep or if you’re finding it hard to concentrate on things, this too could be indications that you’ve “burnt out both ends of the candle”.

The result? Your business performances will obviously fall; but you may also lose friends and relationships due to it. It can also lead to many complicated health issues.

So what do you do if you feel that you’re burnt out?

Read on to find out…

Understand the root.

The main thing here, is understanding the root of your problem. What’s stressing you out? Are you not getting enough sleep? Is it the fast and energetic pace of your job that’s having you feeling harried? Ask yourself these questions and really think about the reason behind your burnt out feeling. Try to take the day off and really relax. Do what you loved doing before, but you hardly have time for now. Read a book, go dancing…go get a Thai massage if you feel that’ll help you relax!

Take yourself out of the chaos.

Even the best Thai massage on Earth isn’t going to do you any good if your phone is constantly “pinging” reminding you of your work. If you decided to take a break, then go all for it. Take the day off to spend it exclusively with your family. Switch off your phone and go visit a friend. The present world’s communication technology definitely makes it easy to be at work, even when you’re not at work. But this isn’t always a good idea. Keep your phone away when you feel like you can’t take it anymore. If you can manage it, go on a weekend or week-long vacation to truly relax your body and mind.

Steps you can take to avoid future burn-outs.

Get. Enough. Sleep.

We cannot stress on it hard enough. Sleep helps your mind relax and rejuvenates your body. Research shows that an adult is supposed to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Try to get the maximum by cutting down on those late night projects. Eat well and keep your body in good condition. Exercise and keep in touch with your friends and family. Don’t keep your phone next to you when you’re at home or trying to sleep. Those emails can wait until you finish eating. In fact, allocating a specific time of the day only to check your emails can definitely reduce the stress.

But mostly, leant to listen to your body and mind; learn when enough is enough.